Kingfisher Supply co

A new brand for a new chapter

LOGO, brand identity, Typography, print

Kingfisher Supply Co is a maker of high quality furniture and goods. They came to us at a crossroads at which point they were planning on taking the next step with their company. Our discovery process led us to a new brand identity centered around the kingfisher bird, which carries a lot of personal significance to the owner of the business.

One of the project requirements was a logo that could be burned onto the surface of their wooden products. So it needed to be simple enough to be easily read on the side of a chair.

I think this project went much better than we had hoped. That’s probably mostly due to the fact that we don’t work with designers very often, so the end results for us were mind-blowing.

-matt b. // kingfisher supply co

THE result

The real benefit that Kingfisher Supply Co received from this project was not a logo floating in space, but a distinguishable product that is always representing the brand. As a company that prides themselves in superior craftsmanship, they now have a brand that supports that message and affords them the opportunity to grow throughout the life of the business.

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