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Reclaimed, Handcrafted, Reconnected

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Drakestone Designs creates handcrafted goods from reclaimed wood. They approached us after they had already been in operation for a number of years. When the realization came that their brand was not up to the level of quality that their clientele was accustomed to, they knew it was time for a change.

Their story of this project was about reconnecting. Perception is reality, and the perception of their brand in the eyes of their clients and potential clients was preventing them from achieving their goals. Drakestone wanted to change this perception, and in doing so increase repeat customers while attracting new customers and growing their business. So the new brand needed to be memorable, professional, and representative of the high quality products that they make by hand.

Drakestone Designs LogoDrakestone Designs Wood Pattern Background
The attention to your brand and what you want to create is intense. They really try to figure out exactly what you need for your specific business or project. They definitely met our expectations.

-ky m. // Drakestone Designs


We set out to create a brand that visually communicated the function of the business just as well as its messaging. This simple wood grain pattern was the result of that brainstorm and subsequently drove many of the other brand application design decisions.

We were also able to create a custom typeface for Drakestone that was uniquely theirs. That typeface continues to give their brand a special flavor that they can feel confident in knowing no one else will be using. Ultimately this allowed Drakstone Designs to form clear touchpoints for their clients and make their experience that much more memorable and distinct.

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